Your Attractive Heading

Creativity That Gets You Funded


Meaningful Connections

Finding organizations that care like you do.

It’s all about finding and connecting with the institutions that will be willing to support your goals in meaningful ways. Long term.

Powerful Storytelling

Communicating the power of your work.

What you are doing is important. Telling that story is key in inspiring leaders to buy in to your vision and become a part of your mission.

Consequential Outcomes

Real-world results to empower your goals.

Connecting the people who care with the powerful stories that will resonate with them results in action, funding, and the success of your cause.

Why Me

How I do it

Your Passion Translated to Words

Inspired creativity

You’re passionate about what you do. I seek to understand and share that passion so that when I craft your grant proposals, I can communicate that enthusiasm to Grantmakers and get them excited about your work too.

Custom Solutions for Each Situation

Personalized tactics

Understanding the unique goals and values of each individual Grantmaker allows me to be more effective and craft grant proposals that better align with their desired outcomes, increasing the chance of funding.

Clear Perception and Understanding.

Strategic insights

in order to assess your potential and focus our efforts for success I conduct comprehensive research into how your work impacts the greater ecosystem, who is involved in the space, potential funders, and how likely they are to give.

About Me

Who I am

I was born to be a storyteller. But I want to tell stories that matter. Your story matters. Let’s change the world together.

The truth and meaning of your mission and story is the key to your success.

I believe in the power of people to come together and make the world a better place. Stories are important because they tell the journey, and allow others to understand and become invested in who you are and what you do. My job is to bridge the gap between possibility and reality, to ensure that you have the support you need to change the world.

When people are inspired, they can do anything. You are inspired by your work, by your goals, by your cause. Let me share that magic with others so that we can find a way to fund your work and achieve the life-changing goals that you seek.

Some of my

Past Successes